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by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
A seasoned developer's little discoveries and annotated bookmarks.

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This Week I Learned - Week #111

Saturday, May 23, 2015
This Week I Learned -

* Unlike a virtualized application includes not only the application - which may be only 10s of MB - and the necessary binaries and libraries, but also an entire guest operating system, the Docker Engine container comprises just the application and its dependencies. It runs as an isolated process in userspace on the host operating system, sharing the kernel with other containers. Thus, it enjoys the resource isolation and allocation benefits of VMs but is much more portable and efficient.

* The reason Myntra wants its customers to transact only from apps is that consumer data is most valuable when tied to specific individuals, as it enables a closer tracking of user behaviour. It is also why Google, Facebook, and other tech companies want your mobile number. It is also why Google, Facebook, and other tech companies want your mobile number The Hindu

* 40% of railway tickets & 60% of flight tickets are booked through e-ticketing - Ravi Shankar Prasad, Telecom Minister, India in a TV interview

* Of the 750 million plus cellphone users in India, less than 30% use Internet on their phones

* If you like to work while standing you are have joined other proponents like Mark Zuckerberg, Leonardo da Vinci, Ernest Hemmingway & Charles Dickens

* California farmers produce more than a third of the America’s vegetables and two-thirds of its fruits and nuts. To do that, they use nearly 80 percent of all the water consumed in the state - NY Times

* United States (9,833,000 km²) is 2.99 times as big as India (3,287,263 km²).

* What Homer Simpson thinks of India:
Flanders (offering his dog to Homer): I'll pay for all the shots
Homer: (Dog) Shots? What is she going to India?  (at 15:45)

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This Week I Learned - Week #110

Monday, May 18, 2015
This Week I Learned -

Microsoft Azure Speed Test can gauge which Azure Data Center could be the best for your location by detecting Blob storage latency

Microsoft supports only specific versions of Microsoft server software on Azure virtual machines.

* What should not be run on Azure VMs:
- Software whose perf/HA/technical requirements cannot by supported by Azure
- Software whose single server spec requirements exceed Azure VM sizes
- Software which need high speed network/IO to resources NOT hosted in Azure
- Clustered Virtual machines are required
- Anything earlier than Windows Server 2008 R2
- 16-Bit and 32-bit operating systems are not supported (but 32 bit process running on a 64bit OS are)

* Your site's mobile-friendliness is now considered as a Google Search ranking signal. You can check your site by testing your pages with the Mobile-Friendly Test tool. This tool shows how Google Search sees your pages.

Invalid certificates could mean that someone is trying to tamper with your connection to the site.  If you're connected to the Internet via a public wireless network, mixed scripting is especially risky because wireless networks are easier to tamper with than wired networks.

* There are now 65 internet-first restaurant start-ups that have mushroomed in under a year, mostly catering to busy urban Indians. Investors pumped in nearly Rs 10 crore into Indian internet restaurants so far this year, already matching their total investment in all of last year in these companies. Globally, investments into internet restaurants increased to $500 million (Rs 3,200 crore) this year so far, from $180 million ( Rs 1,152 crore) in 2014. - Times of India

...the combined number of your LinkedIn connections, Twitter contacts, and Facebook friends almost certainly exceeds the Dunbar constantBy using the average human brain size and extrapolating from the results of primates, British anthropologist Robin Dunbar proposed that humans can only comfortably maintain 150 stable relationships

 * Ubuntu is a philosophy of African tribes that can be summed up as "I am because we are"

* China is the world's largest producer and consumer of pork. China grows more corn than rice. A significant portion of its corn is used to feed chickens, pigs and cattle.

* An estimated 68% of the world's adults are lactose intolerant (can't digest milk)

* Honeybees top the list of insect pollinators on which one-third of food crops depend. Bees contribute to 80% of the world's almond supply

* A pound of clover honey represent the food rewards from approximately 8.7 million flowers. Bees form honey from the nectar from flowers. It is stored in their hive as winter food but gets stolen by humans - National Geographic

Indian banks charge you if you visit them. Or for cash deposits in “non home” branches.

* Even in this day and age of electronic banking it takes three working days — not including weekends and other holidays — to clear a cheque or a DD. In the meantime, your bank can put your money, interest-free, to whatever use to benefit itself. When you think of all those 12.58 crore new accounts (of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna), and Rs 10,590 crore deposits, all subject to the ‘three working-days-excluding-holidays’ formula you can see how banks make a fast buck by ensuring that you make the s-l-o-w buck - Times of India

* 89 of the 195 location pockets across 25 cities tracked by a price index of the National Housing Bank (NHB) returned less than a bank deposit - Live Mint

* The Indian Memory Project tracks the visual & oral history of the Indian subcontinent via family archives

* Lord Hanuman makes a brief appearance at the end of  Season 26 Episode 16 of "The Simpsons"

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This Week I Learned - Week #109

Sunday, May 10, 2015
This Week I Learned -

Two billion photos are shared daily on Facebook services....By separating the storage of low-traffic content from that of high-traffic content, we’ve been able to save energy and other resources while still serving data when requested.

* To separate two sentences with a new line within a cell in Excel, press Alt+Enter after the first sentence to continue with second sentence on a new line.

WhatsApp supports 450 million users with only 32 engineers. Erlang was developed by Swedish telecom giant Ericsson over 25 years ago, and now it's finding a home at messaging apps like WhatsApp and TigerText. Even Facebook was singing the language’s praises when it used Erlang to launch Facebook Chat back in 2009—the same year it turned down the job application of WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton.

* "Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen" -Edward V. Berard

* "Multitasking is doing multiple things at the same time badly" - Nagesh Kuknoor

..a Colorado study found that the percentage of fatal motor-vehicle accidents involving marijuana had doubled since its commercial distribution became legal

* Mosquito is the deadliest animal as it kills more humans than any other.


This Week I Learned - Week #108

Sunday, May 03, 2015
This Week I Learned -

* Chrome has 4 Release channels - Stable, Beta, Dev, Canary

How-Old.net uses Microsoft’s newly released Face detection API to let users upload a picture and have the API predict the age and gender of any faces recognized in that picture.

* Google has added the ability for users to export and download their search histories

* With his creation of Google Takeout, a unified site for exporting user data from multiple services like Gmail and Google Photos, Googler Brian Fitzpatrick has shown that you don’t need power to drive strategy

* Notice on Visual Studio Code home page - "When this tool crashes, we automatically collect crash dumps so we can figure out what went wrong. If you don’t want to send your crash dumps to Microsoft, don't install this tool."

* The banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant and is mistaken for a tree. India is the largest producer of bananas - Wikipedia

* The Bhagwa variety of pomegranate has a tough skin that is naturally resistant to pests & prevents it from spoiling longer than other types of pomegranates

* When you put a deposit in an Indian bank, the bank has to invest some of it (21.5%) in government bonds.

* Lightning detection systems can cost up to $12,000

* "It always seems impossible until it is done" - Nelson Mandela


This Week I Learned - Week #107

Sunday, April 26, 2015
This Week I Learned -

On 22 April 2015, Microsoft announced an extension to the Online Services Bug Bounty program to include various Microsoft Azure properties.The Online Services Bug Bounty program gives individuals across the globe the opportunity to submit vulnerability reports on eligible Online Services (O365 and Microsoft Azure) provided by Microsoft. Qualified submissions are eligible for payment from a minimum of $500 USD up to $15,000 USD.

The website Plain Text Offenders publicly shames sites which store plain text passwords.

You've heard of the hamburger menu. This is how the Kebab menu looks -

Navinder Singh Sarao trading from his home caused the flash crash of 2010 after asking someone to help him build a spoofing robot

A pox party (also measles party, flu party etc.) is a social activity where children are deliberately exposed to an infectious disease, supposedly to promote immunity. Such parties are typically organized by anti-vaccinationists on the premise of building the immune systems of their children against diseases such as chickenpox and measles (which can be more dangerous to adults than to children) or flu. Such practices are highly controversial and are discouraged by public health officials in favor of vaccination. In the third episode of the seventeenth season of The Simpsons, "Milhouse of Sand and Fog", Maggie gets the chicken pox. Inspired by Flanders' suggestion of purposely exposing the boys to the chicken pox, Homer invites all the neighborhood kids over to the Simpson house for a "pox party" (at $15 a pop).

Four Arab civil wars under way - in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. The current conflict in Yemen involves a Sunni coalition led by Saudi Arabia and Iran, which backs the Houthis, who are Shias - The Economist

With 395 articles the Constitution of India is one of the longest and most detailed in the world

Sony has a 30% value share in LED televisions in India & about 10% in smartphones

India is Xiaomi's largest international market outside China. It is launching Mi4i first in India.

"Either a man is happy or married"